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Where does one start with a blog I wonder, it seems that procrastination is often the thing we need to overcome before starting anything. So here I am overcoming it and just simply starting at a moment in time which was fascinating.

Interesting as I go to write this note and start this blog it is 11.11am which is a sign of synchronicity…and so that makes me realise that I was absolutely meant to write about my experiences and while it won’t be a chronological blog at this point in time it will be interesting. I have shared some of these spiritual experience's verbally with a few people who know me, and they said they found them fascinating and that I should write about it, so I hope you do too...

Love and blessings to you all,

Odette :-)

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Carcassonne, France - Ancient Vortex June 2015

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Carcassonne, France – Ancient Vortex June 2015

I have added in a group of photo’s that I took after Christmas 2016 as we stopped and re-visited an ancient vortex I came across within a week of arriving in France back in June 2015 for a holiday with Mac. It was located up a hill, which has become one of the many motorway stops in France near the city of Carcassonne. Carcassonne has an ancient city within it called "La Citi" which was built by the Cathares for protection from the Catholic Church. This is all historical knowledge. They were eventually run out of "La Citi" and they built others very high up in the Pyrenees too. Astounding structures and would have taken years to build. I highly recommend a visit to this area and various walled cities, which were built then, if you are in the South of France. Here is a link to read a little bit about it if you are interested and it refers to the Kingdom of Aragon, which is all quite fascinating. http://about-france.com/tourism/cathar-country.htm So to get back to my story…I flew into Toulouse from Australia and Mac drove down to meet me from England where he had bought a secondhand camper van with the intention of us travelling around France for a number of weeks. Having never stayed in a small campervan I wondered how I would go with this and especially no loo! But I was excited to get to know Mac more and experience France for the first time even though I am quite a seasoned traveller, I have never really explored France other than for a weekend many years ago. After visiting Toulouse for a few days we started to drive towards the French town of Collioure near the border between France and Spain with the intention to stay there for a few weeks and explore. We were a few hours out of Toulouse when Mac said that we would be passing the city of Carcassonne and gave me a bit of it's history and that I should look over to my left and see the old "La Citi". He explained that it would not be a good idea to go in as it would be full of tourists and that it had a heavy energy.

Just as we were driving past we noticed the motorway stop and drove up into it so we could look down at the city from the top of the hill and get a good view. It was pretty cold and the wind was blowing a bit. We walked up the hill to the viewing area to look down on "La Citi".

I had this strange feeling of deja-vu and had goose bumps, not from the cold that’s for sure. As we started to come back down the walkway I noticed this group of trees with strange kinks in their trunks and in the middle of them there was nothing. I stopped and looked at it more closely and said to Mac I think this is a vortex. A Vortex is either a positive or negative energy circle (much like the circle of stones we see) but in this case it is created energetically and they can be extremely powerful. Nothing grows in the middle of them as the energy swirls around and so impossible to sustain anything growing easily.

I said to Mac I was going to have a look and feel into it and so he left me there and he headed down to the van to wait for me. I took my shoes off and stepped into the middle of it to connect into the earth. I did my usual thing when I ground myself and asked for universal healing energy to come down through me into the land, into the waterways, song/lay lines and everything upon the land and heal it. I got a huge felt-sense of suffering and pain and felt overwhelmed. I sent healing into it too. The wind started to pick up instantly and swirled around me quite intensely like a whirl wind and I felt a bit scared in that moment. I almost had the impression it would lift me up. I decided to step out of it, put my shoes back on and headed back to the van. I said to Mac I thought I had just opened up an ancient vortex. He asked what that meant exactly and I shrugged my shoulders and said I actually didn’t know!! We left the stop and I wrapped myself up in a shawl thinking about the whole experience and the people who had lived in those times. We speculated if we had been together in that time, but I didn’t have any revelations at that moment. We continued down the motorway for about half an hour and suddenly heard a strange noise in the engine of the van. Mac stopped on the side and checked what he could and couldn’t find anything immediately so we started it again and it sounded worse. We decided to continue slowly and pull off at the first exit we came too which was one leading to a small remote place called Lezignan. By now, the wind as really howling around us and we had to go through the toll and stopped on the side. It was pretty barren and not much happening other than a bit of industrial stuff. Mac phoned the UK AA (Automobile Association), which was his breakdown assistance. Lucky he had paid top cover for it having had bad experiences before.

They suggested he call the police first as we were technically still on Motorway land and it is how it’s down here. Mac’s French is reasonable but not that good to negotiate explaining the situation and get a report number. Luckily the AA sorted it. While waiting we walked over to a restaurant and got a drink and something light to eat. They were very helpful and a waitress called Barbara from Spain helped us further.They suggested he call the police first as we were technically still on Motorway land and it is how it’s down here. Mac’s French is reasonable but not that good to negotiate explaining the situation and get a report number. Luckily the AA sorted it. While waiting we walked over to a restaurant and got a drink and something light to eat. They were very helpful and a waitress called Barbara from Spain helped us further.   


Finally they came and towed the van to a mechanic where we sat for a few hours waiting only to find out the van had blown a piston and it was serious. It would be taken to another garage in Canet and we were able to hire a car from them as part of the AA insurance.


Here is the irony we now had no option but to go back to Carcassonne and stay there while we waited on the outcome of the van. We managed to book an Airbnb in the city and headed that way under much duress trying to find it. Finally settled and put our feet up. I got onto FB and posted that we were in Carcassonne, when I got a message from a FB friend saying Hello and did I know she lived locally. I was quite surprised and then she said she had a children’s clothes shop in “La Citi” and would we like to visit her the next day. So we did and to be quite honest I was not quite sure who she was as I didn’t recognise the Facebook name. I found out later that her real name and FB name were different so it added to the confusion. So it seemed that this ancient city was drawing us in whether we wanted to or not. We headed in the next morning and met Nelly at her shop and I realised I had met her three years before with her partner at the time Mo at my friend Nicole's place back in Perth. They had been travelling around Australia and used a scheme to stay for free at people's places and they worked for 5 hours each day in exchange. Nelly also reminded me that they had been at my house with Nicole’s family for a Sunday lunch when I got the call from the Mother of my first Grandchild offering to bring her over to meet me. Long story short, I had known I had a granddaughter but had never managed to meet her till she was 2.5yrs old. I had sent her mother a message on 14th October the birthday of this child and now it was April of the following year and she just checked her “Other messages" and saw mine. So she said she would bring her over to meet me and while I explained that I had people visiting she still agreed to come. Quite a momentous day and now have her in my life full time. These unexpected things happen in families. So going back to Carcassonne La Citi we walked around after agreeing to meet Nelly for a wine and snacks at our Airbnb later. It was quite an imposing place and I could feel the heaviness of the place like a black cloud and felt it had lost its soul. There were so many people there and so we didn’t stay long. Nelly was able to come and visit us later and we had a good catch-up. We had explained the situation and that we were waiting for news on the van. She immediately suggested we go and stay with them in their apartment overlooking “La Citi” so we moved in the next day and ended up staying with them for another 4 days. The view was astounding and we got to really explore the area. Now Nelly’s business was not doing well in La Citi and so I agreed to go and cleanse the shop of negative energies and see what I could do to help her as a big thank you…I went in one morning and sat quietly in the shop feeling the dense and negative energy. I did some cleaning on it and then went to expand out in the whole castle as other people were suffering financially too, but felt this massive block and blackness. There is no way I had the power to shift it and protected myself by remaining in Nelly’s area only. I really wanted to help her increase her income and help support her build the shop, but had a sense that the shop would not be lasting long. I worked on clearing the heavy energy and calling in the tourists to buy from her store and for it to shine brightly. This was in June 2015 and by the end of the holiday in France she did call me to say she had doubled her income since then, which made me happy. Ultimately though the shop had to close and she has moved on. We were very blessed to have been given a hire car for free from the AA insurance for 6 weeks and ended up only having to hire a car for the last three. As it was a very hot year it would have been a nightmare having to live in the van and we were given all sorts of opportunities to stay in various places by friends, so we ended up having an amazing time. The van blowing up was actually a gift in the end. It was then sent back to London to be repaired. Two years on and having sat around with the mechanic who was trying to sell it words of mouth and a whole lot of procrastination it has finally been fixed and sold.  

So when we returned to this area in January 2017 I was very curious to stop and visit the vortex and take some pictures, which you see. I felt into the energy and it all felt much lighter which lifted my soul and made me smile…life in my world has it’s strange and extraordinary things, I’m just so glad Mac was open to the weirdness and the flow which he likes :-)                     

Show Your True Colours through Personal Growth

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I took this photo of a poppy growing through this very hard gravel recently in France. What it said to me is that no matter how hard the road or pathway is right now, you can allow yourself to push through this hardship and grow no matter what you have been through. If however, you were to seek healing this would allow your growth with ease, to stand taller, be more confident and for you to show your true beautiful colours through personal growth and healing.