Abundance Plane

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                                                                              Odette Linton

I am committed to bringing forth Abundance in all it's forms into the Consciousness of Men, Women and Children. 

It has been an incredible journey dealing with many, many clients to support them releasing their negativity, blocks, abuse, negative family beliefs, emotional blocks and the negative consciousness that they find themselves attached to. 

I do this, as I come a traumatic background myself and through this work it changed my life. I now choose to support my clients to shift through their experiences and traumas quicker and with less impact. To help them believe that it is possible to create and live your dreams on a daily basis. I am living proof of this. 

Are you ready for the Journey of your life with a smile on your face. If you are a "Seeking Soul" then hop onboard the Abundance Plane and free yourself from the past now. 

Painting "Easter" by Elize Barfield Copyright 2014 ©
This is a beautiful painting that was given to me by one of my clients as a gift of gratitude for which I am equally grateful. It absolutely demonstrates a large aspect of my healing aspects... To explain further...
The picture shows a Dark Body/Shadow with a chain connecting into the back of the tree trunks heart... This darkness represents many things - negative belief systems, past traumatic experiences, blocks to an Abundant Life, health issues of the body and mind, dramas, conflict, deep seated negative emotions ranging from fear and anger to sadness and grief....
These chains or Etheric Cords hold you back and block you moving forward with ease... It's like dragging a ball and chain... Imagine if you are dragging 20 or 50 beliefs or traumatic experiences which are connected to all parts of your body. How heavy that would be and you don't even know it... The skeleton is forever sneakily trying to tempt you back into the darkness and adding more chains...
Now imagine healing these, neutralising them and cutting them off - you will not believe just how Light and Free you would feel and then see the Ease and Abundance that Creates in your life.
The Upper Branches of New Blossom, Butterflies, Dancing Figures represent all that Abundance that is available to you - New Life, Transformation, Wisdom, Healing, Ease, Joy and Freedom...
I do individual sessions and am running healing workshops to clear these chains off your body and mind and link you up to the Abundant Life you are seeking.
If you wish to know more or are seeking to create a better life please contact me.

Love and Blessings.

Odette Linton CBP